Thursday, May 20, 2010

Communication for another development

The irony in this field is that the world "communication" has many interpretations. This leads to the confusion so evident in the latter to the professor. The different interpretations stems from a variety of myths: (1) communication can be improved in any time; (2) communication is the same as medium; (3) communication units in agencies have a clear mandate; (4) communication is about sending information; (5) information will do the job.

"participatory communication shapes the very nature of development, while 'telling' communication simply promotes the desired development outcome.
Three coordinates that guide our actions and the ability to choose different communication functions for each initiative; Campions- have a sincere belief in helping people discover their own potential; Context- communities, geography, culture and history, organisations, donor institutions and corporations, government, politics, policies, funding rules, media, time; Communication-from just telling to a mix of telling and listening to a focus on listening, exchange and dialogue (advocacy and participatory)

"If this sounds basic and straightforward to you, good for you! It took us twenty-five years to figure it out"

From the book Communication for Another Development- Listening Before Telling. Windy Quarry and Ricardo Raírez

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