Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Sweden had a visit from Naresh Giangrande, Co Founder Transition Town Totnes and Transition Training in October. He was in Gothenburg to have some lectures and I had the opportunity to have a word with him. We took a walk in Slottskogen, the park with animals.

Naresh is one of the people that started the transition of the town Totnes in England, now he work as a workshop leader and teaches people about sustainability. It seems as he is doing something that I want to be doing. Also the whole concept of Transition town is something as what I try to explain in this blog;

  • We need to build resilient communities
  • We need to think in small scale and locally produced, both in goods and services
  • We need to work more within communities
  • To do that we need to better understand and use communication methods that directly involve and activate people.

Sitting here with the Transition handbook, have to see if I can learn something new! My six years of studies might be there inside as a shortcut!

Naresh wrote about his visit in Sweden here; . He did not mention the animal park, but he explain his expression from the Transition Training tour to Sweden as very good.

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