Thursday, November 12, 2009

..the ambulant story

there is an ambulance on the street next to a multi-residential. half on the sidewalk, half on the street and it has the warning lights on. I think of my grandmother and hurries on. in one of the lit apartment, I see the ambulance staff. a television is on in the background, a flat panel television, a black and white new action film. the ambulance people in the apartment looks down and bends down, they seem worried, but moves slowly. I pass the ambulance out on the street and heard when I passed, the sound of a man who cries out in a hopeless condition. not loud but deep. I peer into the half-lit area and sees a dark figure sitting on the stone edge at the sidewalk outside the house. and I had already passed. it was 20-30 meters away from the man in the dark and I thought in the 1 /100 second when I saw and heard him, that I wanted to go to him, but what would I say? Was his girlfriend ill? Their child? He sat outside but the staff was in the house, so it was already too late? Was he the one, who had beaten his wife? So badly that she was now dead? Approximately one million questions, and I did not go. What would you do?

Now safe home, I have a bit bad conscience. But will drive this all the way to the Big Problem Climate change debate. We know the picture and why it's important. We hear the warnings on radio, from people and organisations, we see it in the newspaper and magazines. We even know what to do. Compare it and you will see that the decision to do something about it for people and politican is hopeless. It is so complicated, so we just continue to walk, but with a slight feeling of remorse.

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  1. Chilling story. And I love the pun on the word "ambulant".


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