Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Planning an ecocity

Pic. 1. The compact living is the key to explain the ecocity. No energy- efficiency program is that efficient.

Pic. 2. The ecocity concept should integrate the old in the new to get a feeling of settlement. Personal integration is needed for the human mind and orientation.

Pic. 3. Eco means householding and also relations. In the ecocity, many relations is necessity. Bigger trees and not only plantations should be there. Save old trees!

Pic. 4. Space for room. Rooms for feelings. Three- dimensional thinking in whole city.

Pic. 5. Compact living and not too high. Take a look closer to the picture and you see that there are spaces for recreation on top of the roofs and in between buildings.

Pic. 6. Green, compact and several dimensions.

Pic. 7. Open spaces with shade and places to sit should be planned in the ecocity.

Pic. 8. Water gives more life in form of birds and life in itselves.

Pic. 9. Kids should have spaces where they can behave like kids.

Pic. 10. Use all different kind of levels in the city and make places where people want to go. Up there, its a playground with a view over the city and the ocean.

See more about ecocity planning at What is an ecocity? and What is an ecocity part 2.

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