Friday, May 04, 2012

Trail run camp Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura. A moon-like canarian island. The only green larger area is the golf course close to the hotel- and apartment resort. We took the flight six hours from home, just to run here for a week. Breakfast buffet and dinner buffet, pure sun, Olympia pool and sport events everyday. We rest and we use our bodies, and we ate good. Expect the flight (bad, bad, bad), we now transport ourselves several miles a day by foot. One important question doe, is were the hell the food comes from and the water we have to buy (that might be an answer for that later). Now the feeling of cycling at the moon!

Above the village of Las Playitas you can find a fantastic viewpoint at the Faro de la Entallada.The road to the Lighthouse is 6,5 km long and is made of asphalt and large sharp pebbles. The sport center down in Playitas told me it was easy to take a road bike up, but gritty and bad, a mtb-bike would go better on that ground. Wind blow hard in all uphills on my way there, wind blow hard in all uphills on my way back. 

One of many attempts to photo myself and the view (unsuccessfully but there is the light-weight bike))! My running group was here just one hour earlier. Cheater as I was, I rented a bike and cycled slow up with tired legs. After six days with runs and body exercises my legs did not want to run one more step. To cycle up in my own tempo worked, and what a landscape! When I was on my way down from the Lighthouse, two cars met here and they could almost pass each other.

Close to Playitas; The red bike line was like a long racetrack beside the car road. And very easy to follow and to see it in the grey landscape; we are only 5 km from the hotel. Quite clever and not so busy trafficked.

In the small town Gran Tarajal the traffic was so calm and considerate, there was no problem to cycle on the street. A good rest in the shade from the trees.

Now on top of the mountain between Playitas and Gran Tarajal. Moon-like and beautiful in large scale and the island is pretty fine to road cycle and the hills are magnificant to walk. What I was there for- to run- was not too fun in the hot climate! An interesting trip anyhow:)

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