Sunday, February 14, 2010

To focus on the right things

In an older post, you can read one of my papers from school, found here; Ecological modernization vs ecocities, where I try to point at the important inequality between the meaning of ecocities and the meaning of ecological modernisation. I lead the discussion with the goal to focus on human health instead of a world with a focus on capital. When you do this distinction you would see that ecological modernisation is just a combination of them. Prof. Dr. Joseph Huber, one of the first who used the term mean that the industrialization has to come to this phase: it is a natural transitional period in the industrialization which is devided into three parts;

* First phase is the industrial revolution,
* Second phase is the building of the industrial society
* Third phase is the necessary ecologization of the industry to get the environmental problems under control

But the question would be, is ecological modernisation the only way then, or is it just a combination or a prephase of something else? We can not ignore that we are running out of both resourses and ecosystem services and a society that takes more than it gives back are domed to fall.

When we talk about environmental sustainability, we can see a lot of companies that jumped on this line, and they say that this is the new market. But can you say that sustainable development is about the market at all? as the "green market". Or is it just how it should be, because the alternatives are not many.

Take the car problem for examples. It's not only about CO2 emissions. Health problems connected to a lifestyle with cars is the truth. Also, cars are a big time consumer in a lot of countries.

"Transportation is what you do, when you are not where you want to be" the quote from Richard Register that I nag over and again. What we have to do is to work closer to our homes.

"You see only what you know, and you protect only what you are familiar with" -From Freiburg, green city

It is time to change our mind of how it should look. Rebuild to get a better sense

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