Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cities that have succeeded

Bogotà in Colombia and Curitiba in Brazil have many things in common. One is that they started large scale project for the city and that was without too much money. The other was that they had to make radical changes: in both cities they forced people to move from their homes to reduce the slum areas and with that violence, drog trafficking and povertry. Both of the cities also reduce the traffic problems, with broad scale busline systems, Transmilenio in Bogotà and Rapit-transit-bus in Curitiba. Common spaces, like squares, librarys and green areas have been important in the cities planning too.

One hour documentary of Bogotà in English and Spanish with Swedish underlines can be seen here. "Cities on speed. Bogotà, change". About the work in Curitiba can be read in New York Times, The road to Curitiba and a film of some of the changes in Curitiba can be seen in "City of dream" in google videos.

The documentary Cities on speed is devided into four different parts with four different cities and stories, Bogotà Change, Mumbai Disconnected, Cairo Garbage and Shanghai Space. See the trailer:

Cities on Speed. Produced by Bastard Film, Nimbus Film & Cosmo Doc for DR

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