Friday, August 28, 2009

History and future of high big buildnings in Sweden

Common in Sweden and mostly parts in Europe is the high, big buildings, not sky scrapes but a big house to live in, its smart- it save space and give more space to green spots. A lot of them comes from 1965-75 when the Million Programme built one million apartments (25% of the apartments today) to save the housing situation in Sweden at that time. The main goal was to build (a lot of) equally high standard apartments for medium class people. And in the same time a lot of (smaller often in wood) historical houses was destroyed and made space for the new ones. Nice kitchen with refrigerator, bathrooms with water closet and baloneys in every apartment was luxury. Also closeness to schools, library, nurseries, playground and common spaces was one part of the plan.

The largest neighborhood with those kinds of houses lays outside the city center and are nowadays for the low income and with a high percentage of immigrants, specially in certain areas where almost everyone is an immigrant, what also make the situation worse with more and more crime and high racial segregation in the suburbs.
Many of the houses are now old, cheap to live in and not high status. They have to be rebuild which would give a great opportunity for jobs right now and also to fix some of the social problems that these neighborhoods have. In the same plan, they would plan for more common space, green areas and activities for the people.

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