Friday, August 28, 2009

Cars, cars, cars

It's easy to walk in San Francisco for sure, but the city is build for cars with straight roads (with an small exceptions of Lombart steet!) and highways in different levels (!) at entrences and exits from busy roads. Where does everyone goes? Where do they come from? Do they need to take their car?


If you take the bay bridge over to Oakland and later to Berkeley you will see the highways in different levels, and maybe you would think as me- "is that a bridge for a railway?" -"no it was for cars" ""is that a bridge for a railway?!" "-no its another for cars" "that one then?!!!" and you look again and you see a truck 50 meter up in the air.

An unsustainable situation

 Also.. when I walk here I see things that people in cars doesn't care of ( they should have their eyes on the road), and I just realised that many of both ugly buildings and spaces are just ugly cause noone (that any care about) walks there anyway. It's just the cars, everywhere, and they don't look.

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