Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The hyenas at Stureplan

"Hyenorna vid Stureplan", provocative street art in the center of the capital city Stockholm of Sweden. The hyenas whould represent the young people who use to party in the area, so called brats, young adults with rich parents, who tend to be a bit like hyenas- proud, insolent and grabbing from others (at least their own parents and some think they are extremly lazy and spoiled). Picture above is from gatukonst.se.

My guess is that some people just think it's nice and fun art, even cute, with kids coming and pat them. I saw the story that the creators, when arranging, had the municipality working clothes, set up roadblock and had the right tools to put them into the ground. And the sign looks like an ordinary information sign in a zoo, but when look closer, it's not. Read it in Swedish here and in English here. Brilliant work for the curious observer, which questioning in one hand, the rich young peoples behavior in that area, but in the other, rise the discussion about what is nice art and what's not and the biggest qustion is perhaps the right to use the city's spaceroom for art and/or opinions and views. Some angry voices has already been heard, including Marten Castenfors, director at Liljevalchs Gallery and head of Stockholm's public decoration. He says;- They are not that funny and it's pretty bad finish on them too. Ambitious art attack, but from my perspective, dubious

However a good mind reminder I think. Let's see how long they can stay at the square.

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