Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Site turns ride-sharing into a social game

From a discussion about the existens of cars, took some of the dialogue to share.

What is the problem?
Congestion, pollution, wasted time in traffic jams or wasted time at the bus / tram.

Why is it so?
People (today) needs to travel between point A and B

How can we improve the situation?
Move A closer B
Move B closer to A
Faster and more convenient public transport
Better use of space in cars commuting- carpools?
New options for local transportation -podcars?
Bicycling (exercise into the bargain, but a pain in the winter)

When will we do this?
NOW. But what?

Read an interesting note with the title Site turns ride-sharing into a social game or go directly to the site for future ideas how to use cars when we need to move.

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