Saturday, October 24, 2009

The mouse trap of our lives

The world's economy and therefore our selves are stuck. Stuck in a un-sustainable way of thinking.

Money is the word for it and even more exact it is about the interest. Interest is what makes the capitalist way of seing the world going, in an ongoing process where money loose their meaning.

The word economy comes from the Greek words οἰκονόμος "one who manages a household" (derived from οἴκος "house", and νέμω "distribute (especially, manage)"), οἰκονομία "household management", and οἰκονομικός "of a household or family". But what we are doing with economy nowadays are the opposite.

When having a system based on interest, we base the system on an accelerate growth which means that we need new resourses, well before we use the old.

Resourses in this world are limited.

A good example is when developing countries borrow money. Normally they live in a world with sustainable but small agriculture. When borrowing the money they have to make their system grown to pay back the interest. The income is depending on the outcome or production (to pay back the loan, i.e interest).

What will happen in the end is just one result; collapse. Either the collapse of economy or ecology. In the first senario we have to rethink of our system but the last we can't do anything about.

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