Thursday, April 16, 2009

Visit at Ecocity Builders, Oakland, California, US

Ecocity Builders is a small organisation with only two employers; Richard Register and Kirstin Miller. They are really kind and work a lot. I´m sitting with them in their 2-room small, new office with big windows to the sun. In one window it is a citrus fruit tree that you can see from the street- very "ecocityish". Today they had a visit from a woman working with marketing. She will do a summary of the masterplan for Oakland. Connect all ecocity plans to a small booklet, easy for everyone to have an overview. I will from now observe this organisations work and see how they goes from information (ecocities are good) to action (rebuilding to ecocities).

Tomorrow I will go with Richard to Berkeley and see some of the work, for example Gaia Building with a green roof. And the Strawbarry creek that will be a car free plaza for people to join the center of Berkeley. In the weekend I will join the project ”Urban villages project, West Oakland”.

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