Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Viking Green Center

Green is the city of Göteborg when it comes to green spaces and available public transportation, but as an old harbour area, the city next to the water does not connect water with citizens, something which was raised in the short film Göteborg- super sustainable city. As the old industrial city it is, most of the riversides are occupeted by roads and harbour areas, much of them not even in use. A "dream" for the citys' future is now to connect the city to the other side of the river, which would make the river as the center for the city.

To discuss and visualize different plans, a special place has been built, "Älvrummet" is now the forum for the future plans along the river. In todays newspaper I could read about the Viking Green Center, a hugescale plan, which in my impression, just opened another room for discussion!

So when planning seems to be stuck,  it might be good to just do "whatever", to really see the potentional in a place, to make the ground for discussion. Here; do we want to have a tribal house in the middle of the town, as our icon building? And what do we have as choices to this?

The short film below is in Swedish but gives some good pictures of the project, in the end the woman says that there is an emty area in which we can build on, right in the city- where 30 000 (!) people can live in new skyscrapers. Well, that was good news!!!


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